PNP Examiners Copy June 2020

Thank you for your responses to the October 2019 pre-submission consultation. To view the Porthleven Neighbourhood Plan please follow the links below. The next stage is to get the plan approved by an independent examiner then for the Residents of Porthleven to vote, yes or no at referendum.

The plan has been submitted for independent examination to ensure compliance with national and local planning policy. When this has been completed you will then be asked to vote on the Plan at referendum.

The Neighbourhood Plan team were greatly heartened by the numerous and well thought out responses to the consultation. Most of the comments were supportive of the work done. This letter represents a general response as there was a lot of community agreement on the changes and support needed for the Plan. All your comments have been noted and where at all possible incorporated into the review of the draft plan.

Housing was unsurprisingly the primary area of concern and comment. The Neighbourhood Plan must, by law, conform to the NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) and also, the Cornwall Council Local Plan .

We will be doing our best to gain the absolute maximum possible percentage of affordable homes on any site. We will also do our utmost to ensure that the maximum number of those affordable homes are for affordable rent. The design and space of each home on any site will need to conform to policy and be of the highest standard, we should expect and accept nothing less. 

Parking was highlighted as a huge problem within Porthleven and all new homes or other use sites would be required to provide sufficient parking to conform with parking standards. This would not solve existing problems but would prevent any new development from causing more problems with parking. 

In line with your comments and environmental and ecological policies we will facilitate delivery by Developers of all new builds to provide energy saving features and not to cause environmental damage. 

The Penrose footpath project received much support and we will certainly try to secure those improvements through developers’ contributions. Open spaces and areas of play for our children and youth are also on the list to be improved through contributions monies. 

There are some areas which the Neighbourhood Plan cannot make policies on but may be able to influence in the future once the Plan has been examined and passed at referendum, these areas include health and education provision. The Neighbourhood Plan team accept that these areas are of great concern to our community and will look for ways that can positively improve those facilities. 

Thank you for your continued support.