Questionnaire 2 Results

Thank you to everyone who responded to our Detailed Questionnaire: our second survey asking for your views on the future of your town.

We had 385 responses and you had some very interesting things to say about preserving the special character of Porthleven. There was support for providing affordable housing and an increase in community facilities. You can view the full results by downloading this document.

The key findings will now be taken and used to write the policies that will form the final Porthleven Neighbourhood Plan. This will ensure that the final plan incorporates the views of local residents.

Find out what a Neighbourhood Plan is and why it’s an important way for communities to have a say on future local development.

Once it has been compiled, the Porthleven Neighbourhood Plan will then be presented to the community and we’ll be asking you to vote on whether or not it should be adopted as policy and adhered to by the planning authorities.

Watch this website and our Facebook and Twitter accounts for more information and do get in touch if you have any questions.

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