Lottery Funding for PNP!

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In January 2015 Christen Hosey from the Helston Packet came to a Porthleven Neighbourhood Plan (PNP) committee meeting to celebrate the Big Lottery Fund (BLF) issuing the PNP with almost £10,000.00 taking this picture of the committee and entering it in to the paper.


The Big Lottery Fund will enable the PNP to create a Neighbourhood Plan, providing funds to enable the group to reach out to a wider audience within the community engaging in as many people so as to allow the community to have their say in the future of Porthleven.


Alan Jorgensen, Chairman of PNP said; “Porthleven is important to us- the residents and businesses- as well as being a leisure and tourism destination. Neighbourhood planning is about land-use and it is critical that we have real influence on what happens here, to enjoy and maximise our assets and ensure that we have the businesses, homes and facilities that make for a thriving and vibrant community. The BLF award will help ensure we can achieve this.”