What is a Neighbourhood Plan?


A Neighbourhood Plan sets out the vision for land use and development, in the town & parish. It gives us, the community, the chance to decide how our local area should develop and what should be built. It can respond to a wide range of social, economic or environmental issues that are relevant to us locally. We can also influence land use for other things like renewables and recreational facilities.

Do we have to have one?

No. But without one, development can still happen and will be assessed by planners at a county & national level. The current local policies that concern our special places will need to be included in an NP in order to reflect local priorities. A Neighbourhood Plan isn’t a tool to stop development but it can shape and influence it and is locally focused.

Does it have any impact?

Yes – A Neighbourhood Plan is an official planning document that has to be taken into account by Local Authority Planners & Planner Inspectors when determining planning applications & appeals. It has to align with policies contained within the Cornwall Local Plan (due to be adopted in 2015) plus national policies too. The important bit is that an NP contains the local detail and responds to issues that are not covered through strategic and national policies.

Do we have a real say?

Definitely, we want you to help us identify the key issues and continue to shape those as we go along. Make sure you have your say – you can start now by posting your views through our contacts (link) and Face book page (link) and by completing our questionnaire (link). Tell us what we need to consider for Porthleven’s Plan – whether its protecting our environment, our heritage, our tourism business or anything else that makes Porthleven special – what do you think should be included? You’ll also be asked to vote on the adoption of the Neighbourhood Plan at a referendum, so your views are crucial!

Cornwall Council Local Plan Submission Document March 2014

The policies avoid repetition so it is important they are all read as a whole. The policies are the strategic policies for the purpose of providing context for Neighbourhood Plans. The Local Plan will be supported by other formal documents, these include: Neighbourhood Plans – prepared by local councils in conformity with national policy and the policies and proposals of the Local Plan

Please click and download the document below.